Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sewing Hearts...

I am busy making Valentine's Day heart pillows for my little ones in school.  I am not using 'valentine' prints or colors, because I wanted to use some of my small piece 'stash.' I have not craft sewed for a while and it is nice to be at my machine again.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

View on the way...4-30-15

This morning's view.  I wanted to get a picture of the blooming trees before the forcasted rain arrives today.  Yes, I placed my camera on the ground on the double line...I was watching for traffic...promise!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Internet, Time and Dusting Off this Blog

 I used to read blogs.  I would sit down and read about other's lives.  I would read about on line friends' ups and downs, their children, homes, and their favorite recipes.  I would also (try to) write on my own blog.

This reading, writing and posting took time.

I don't spend time sitting at my large personal computer much anymore.  The only activities I do there are pay bills and write the occasional necessary document in Word 2010.

These days I am still online, but I am accessing that inormation on my iphone via wifi.  I am notorious for accessing free wifi at stores, restaurants and other public free offerings of that service!  I don't have to be sitting at a desk in front of a large monitor,  I can be on the go or sitting in a comfy chair with my Kindle.

I have become a casualty of the (even faster) world of Internet access.  I am an on the go Facebook, Pinterest and Gmail user.  Multiple, small snippets of time are spent web surfing and reading rather than having my extended evening 'computer time.'  I can discover a new (or old) friend, recipe, or get my mail any time I want.  (Except when driving, of course.)  I can check my Facebook while waiting for the bus, or while waiting for my daughter to zip into the bank to cash her paycheck.

Not going to become moralistic here, but I don't know if this is a good or bad thing.   Having instantaneous travel information at my fingertips is definitely a plus.  On-line coupons have become a way for our family to save money.  I can stand in the checkout line and discover that there is a bar code coupon for an item in my cart.  Checking my email multiple times a day for work has become almost a necessity.  Let's not even talk about messaging an adult child who lives a thousand miles away when he decides he doesn't remember how I make my special brownies!

However, my grammar and spelling skills have become a casualty of this faster paced facebook-twitter world.  Word snippets have become my norm and punctuation is practically a thing of the past.
"Speed" and "Cool" are the things that have become important.

What does all this typing lead to?

Well, you see, this is why my blog has been neglected.  I always think that I will take the time for a full fledged entry, but life interrupts.

But, I do promise to do better.  I promise to slow down and think and publish full, coherent, well rounded, grammatically correct and properly punctuated blog entries.

I promise.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gotta Start...

Reading again.

Haven't really picked up a book since I started back to work before Christmas. 

Sewing again.

Sewing machine has gathered some dust since my second surgery in October.

Exercising again.

Combine both of the above excuses-work and surgery.


How about starting a book?

How about picking a pattern?

How about moving?

Sounds good, right?

BOOK(S) (One for fun...actually two, and one for serious.) 

I need to also get back into some lectio divina, so I am starting slow.  I used this book a couple of years ago for daily reading, so I am going to use it again.  I am sure St. Theophan can challange on many things!

 Fun One.
I found this local cookbook at a resale shop and I have been intending to read and try some of the recipes, so why not now?

Fun Two. 
Love  me some P.D. James

Sewing Pattern.
Nothing like a pretty apron to make working in the kitchen more enjoyable.  My style is "A"

Still can't do the lifting and some other exercises I used to do.  Crunches are now a thing of the past.  (At least for the foreseeable future, anyway.)  So think I will start by dusting off my indoor walking dvd collection that is stuffed inside my file cabinet drawer-until the weather improves and I can walk outdoors.  Don't think that I will start with my five miler, though.

There, that is a start.  Sort of sounds like a New Year Resolution post, huh.  Well, sorta.

Let's get going....

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Long blog

Wow!  It has been quite a while.  Holidays came and are almost over, (we celebrate until January 6th,) and here we are in a new year.  I will post more later.  Just wanted you to know that I am alive.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Busy Hands...

Due to my ongoing health problems and surgeries, I have not been able to work since the beginning of August.  This means lots of things, boredom, a new look on humility and asking for help from others, and tightening up the old budget which includes the lack of available funds for Christmas gifts. 

No problem with that gift giving part!  I have had lots of time to fill while just sitting and healing.  So out comes the knitting, cross stitch and Modge Podge!  This Christmas's theme is going to be 'homemade.'

I posted before my last surgery about the Christmas sewing I  had been doing for all of the nieces and nephews, and now I am working on other things.

 Dishcloths for my husband's co-workers.

 Bookmarks for the readers in the family.

 Ceramic Coasters to give to others.


I have this material and I think that it is so adorable.  I have not decided what to make with it yet.